Wintertime Discomfort Q&A

qachalkWhile the winter season that is soon to fall upon us brings up cozy thoughts of cuddling under blankets and donning big, warm sweaters, it might evoke some less than desirable thoughts, too. For those patients we see who have a hard time with the cold temperatures, we know that the shift can become especially uncomfortable for lips and teeth (especially if you aren’t prepared). Let us guide you into wintertime with some questions and answers about dental health, so you can focus on the good stuff!

Questions and Answers

Question: My teeth seem to be more sensitive in the wintertime, especially when I go outside and breathe in the cold air. Is there anything I can do about this dental health issue?

Answer: Yes. Switch to a toothpaste that combats sensitivity for added comfort. It’s also a good idea to shield your teeth from extremes in temperature, such as by covering your mouth when a gust of wind heads your way.

Question: I always assume that my sensitive teeth are just part of my life. Should I mention this to you during my preventive care visits?

Answer: Of course! Sensitivity may be a symptom of an issue with your dental health. No matter the season, it is always important to let us know if you’re dealing with sensitivity.

Question: I notice that my lips tend to feel dry and sting throughout the colder months. Do you have any suggestions or is this just something I need to finally accept?

Answer: With central heat and less humidity, dryness may be making your smile uncomfortable. Add a humidifier to your room, increase your intake of water, and have some fun with lip treatments. Use balm during the day and night.