2 Reasons You Shouldn’t Snack On Ice

2redballoonAs cold weather appears in patches, you might find that it causes your ice cravings to kick in! If you are someone who fills up a cup with crushed ice to snack on it or someone who likes to chomp through an ice cube on a regular basis, you might think there’s nothing wrong with this habit. Ice is hydrating, it doesn’t contain any fat or calories, and it takes a while to eat. What could be wrong with such a delightful option? Actually, ice can harm your oral health in pretty significant ways. Consider a couple reasons to skip this habit.

Reason #1: You Probably Need Iron, Not Ice

While the medical community doesn’t necessarily have the explanation for this symptom, craving ice is often a sign that you need more iron! Anemia (an iron deficiency) may bring this on. So, if you’re not just chewing on ice because it’s refreshing and hydrating but because you find that you crave it, we encourage you to visit your general practitioner to make sure you’re receiving the vitamins and minerals you need (instead of continuing this oral health damaging habit).

Reason #2: It Can Lead To Multiple Dental Problems

Chewing on ice is bad for your oral health in more ways than one. It can affect your smile by encouraging both hygiene-related problems, as well as functional disorders. You know that snacking on this hard food can erode your teeth, break your teeth, chip away enamel, and cause cracks. It will also cause you to overwork your muscles, jaw joints, and teeth. Potential results may include the following:

  • Sensitivity
  • An increased chance of tooth decay
  • Infection
  • TMJ disorder
  • Bruxism