3 Ways Your Smile Is Straining Your Relationship

heartfingersbrokenDid you ever consider the fact that protecting your oral health can actually help protect your relationship? We’re not talking about the occasional cavity or chipped tooth. What we are discussing here includes ways that your smile can actually strain the close bond you have with the love of your life. Lucky for you, we have a few explanations handy. If any apply to your smile, it is certainly high time to schedule a dental visit.

#1: You Have Sleep Apnea

If you’re suffering from a sleep disorder that causes you to make choking noises, to gasp for air, and to snore very loudly, you just might be bothering your significant other. This disorder, called sleep apnea, can disrupt not only your sleep but also that of your partner. The headaches, exhaustion, irritability, and trouble focusing that you experience may affect your significant other too, so we encourage you to come on in for a visit.

#2: You Suffer From Bruxism

Wondering why your significant other seems a little bit on edge lately? You might want to come in to have your oral health checked for bruxism. This includes grinding and clenching your teeth (usually without realizing it). Your partner, unfortunately, has probably heard the bruxing during the day or in bed, which can become very frustrating.

#3: You Have Bad Breath

Perhaps every time you whisper sweet nothings to the person you adore most in life, you are blasting that individual with some pretty unpleasant breath. Stop this easy-to-address oral health issue from straining your relationship! Come in for a visit. Whether you need to improve your dental hygiene, you need a cleaning, or you need help with dry mouth, we can fix the problem.