Bye-Bye, 2016! Bye-Bye Insurance Benefits?

2016byegoldAre you smiling as you think about waving goodbye to 2016? Do you love the thought of starting fresh with a shiny, brand new year? If so, we couldn’t agree more. A clean slate is certainly always refreshing. However, if your dental insurance benefits are also something you will be waving goodbye to as they start over in the next year, it’s probably time you gave your insurance plan a quick glance. Consider some helpful recommendations.

Ask Yourself About This Year’s Dental Care

Think over 2016 and ask yourself if you have received all the dental care you need for your smile. Do you have any outstanding cleanings and checkups that you missed (they should occur every six months)? Have you been in need of a restoration like a crown or filling but you just haven’t gotten around to it? If so, 2016 is going bye-bye, so it’s time to get serious about your smile needs.

Ask Yourself About Your Benefits

Are you fully educated regarding your dental insurance plan or did you stuff your plan’s literature into a file somewhere and you’ve never cracked it open? If you don’t know about the life of your benefits, when they end, whether they will essentially go to waste if you don’t use them by the last day in December, etc., we encourage you to find out. (Call the customer service line provided by the insurance company).

Ask Us For A Last-Minute Visit If You Need It

About those dental care needs: If you have dental insurance benefits that are about to end, if you have a pressing need for a visit, or if you are simply ready to get your next visit on the books for the upcoming year, you may reach us by phone or contact us online!