Calcium And Your Smile: Q&A

qawhatwhoYou know that you need calcium because it is essential for good health and for strong bones. However, unless you’ve taken a nutrition class lately, you might not be too up-to-date on the specifics. How much should a person take every day? Is it better to consume calcium through foods or does it make no difference? Allow us to help you answer these and other questions, so you’re doing your best to protect your bone health (which, as you may have imagined, is connected with your dental health, too).

Questions and Answers

Question: How much calcium should I be consuming on a daily basis for my dental health and general health? Does it really make a difference?

Answer: In order to ensure you’re receiving enough calcium every day, you should generally receive about 1,000 mg on a daily basis. However, to ensure you’re getting what you need for your body, it’s best to check with your doctor.

Question: Can I just take calcium supplements if I don’t really eat many calcium-rich foods? Will I end up getting the exact same benefits?

Answer: As a matter of fact, you won’t necessarily reap the same benefits. While supplements are certainly helpful, they should be just what they are: Supplements. A diet that includes calcium is important! Make sure you eat your leafy greens, as well as dairy (choices low in fat are best).

Question: How does calcium play a role in my dental health?

Answer: Since calcium protects your bone tissue, it is especially helpful for keeping your jawbone healthy. Keep up with this mineral on a regular basis, so your smile stays strong!