Dental Care Missteps To Avoid In 2017

2017glowHere comes a brand new year, which means you are staring at a clean slate of 365 days. Literally hundreds of days with which you can begin making the best choices possible for your dental care, so your smile remains as healthy as possible. Worried that there are too many ways for you to accidentally mess up? Not sure how to make the most of this time? We are here to help guide you into 2017 by addressing some easy to make missteps (that are equally easy to avoid if you know what to watch out for).

Don’t Make Any Assumptions

When we’re talking about dental care, making assumptions is often the worst thing you can do. It can mean the difference between effective and ineffective brushing, between thinking you have healthy gums and not realizing you’re suffering from gingivitis, and then some. Rather than make a single assumption, if you’re unsure about something, contact us. If we have recommended something, go along with it! Don’t assume you don’t need twice annual preventive care visits. Trust us, come on in, and your smile will benefit greatly.

Don’t Give Yourself Any Excuses

You might need to buy a new toothbrush but you convince yourself that you’ve been brushing very gently, so you can probably get away with using it for one more month. Maybe you are too tired to brush your teeth, so you make the excuse that you haven’t eaten in hours and have been drinking water, so “it’s probably okay this one time.” Avoid making excuses when it comes to issues that are not in line with optimal dental care. Instead, if you get in the habit of doing what you need to do to keep your smile healthy, everything will go quite smoothly for the year and beyond.