Q&A: Will My Filling Fit Right?

qatalkbubbleWe often find that patients feel concerned about dental fillings and whether they will fit correctly. Without assuming that you know a thing about fillings, we generally like to begin at the very beginning, so we are certain you are well educated on the topic, so you know what to expect, and so you recognize your filling will fit beautifully within your smile. To get started, we offer a question and answer session that will certainly help. For more specific details, please ask any remaining questions when we see you next.

Questions and Answers: About Fillings

Question: Is my dental filling going to fit correctly? Do you provide universal fillings to patients with cavities?

Answer: There’s no “universal” filling. The way this treatment works follows: We use liquid composite, a substance we can manipulate and mold into the appropriate shape before we set it. In addition, it will blend with your tooth’s color. The finished product is fully customized for a fit that feels correct and that looks natural.

Question: How do you make sure my dental filling is in balance with the rest of my smile? Is there a way to do this?

Answer: We carefully sculpt the filling as we work to ensure it will promote teeth that fit together correctly. We then use a simple technique to check your bite. If there are any signs of poor balance, we can then make adjustments.

Question: What happens if I have a filling from the past that is too high or just doesn’t sit right with the rest of my smile?

Answer: This can lead to serious consequences over time, including strained muscles and ligaments, jaw discomfort, and more. We suggest you visit us, so we may examine your tooth and adjust the top of the filling, so your teeth fit together in a balanced fashion.