Tips: Avoid Offending The Relatives This Holiday Season

tipsrainbowIs there something about the idea of your relatives getting up-close and personal with you during holiday parties that causes you some serious anxiety? When you’re home, you can practice dental hygiene whenever you please, so nobody is ever forced to endure your bad breath, food-stuck-in-your-teeth smile, or otherwise! When you’re away from home, however, things are different. Don’t worry. We have some simple party tips that will take the stress out.

“Is There Something In My Teeth?”

When you’re away from your full collection of dental hygiene products, you might not know what to do when you enjoy your meal but then have food stuck between your teeth. Don’t worry about food you might be showing off while you smile this year. Instead, carry a dental pick with you (one that has floss on one end and a toothpick on the other), so you can quickly remove debris when necessary (and display a stunning smile).

“Sorry About My Breath!”

Avoid feeling the need to apologize for your breath this year by keeping your dental hygiene in check even when you’re at a holiday party. Here are some tried-and-true tips to ensure this is possible:

  • Chew sugarless gum after you eat (for around 20 minutes or so) to remove plaque and food and to freshen up your breath
  • Make sure you brush before the party (and if possible, rinse and brush after you eat)

“My Dentist Told Me To Rinse After I Eat!”

Yes, it’s true, rinsing with water after you eat is a wonderful choice that removes food from tooth surfaces. However, this doesn’t mean you should rinse and spit water back into your cup at the table! Avoid offending friends and family this season by either drinking water after you eat or excusing yourself to go to the restroom for a quick rinse. If you can then steal away to brush within about a half hour after that, you’re golden!