Year In Review: 2016 Is Nearly Over

2016byesnowAs the year is finishing out, it’s always a wonderful moment to look back over the past collection of months you’ve experienced to weigh in on how things went. From our perspective, of course, we tend to focus on your oral health and how well you’ve been keeping up with the efforts and practices that lead to a healthy smile. Take some suggestions into consideration, so you can get a feel for how you did (and what you might need to work on for the future).

Think About Your Habits

Think about your habits. We mean all of your habits, to be more specific. Not sure you know what we’re talking about? When it comes to your oral health, this might span more areas of your life than you initially come up with, so take the following list to heart:

  • Did you brush daily, twice a day?
  • Did you brush for two minutes every single time you brushed?
  • Did you floss once daily, making sure to completely floss your smile?
  • Did you use the gentle products and techniques we suggested?
  • Did you treat your smile with suggested professional dental care, from prevention to any necessary restorations?
  • Did you avoid foods that are staining, full of sugar, acidic, or too hard on your teeth?
  • Did you make sure to rinse and brush after staining, sugary, or acidic foods?

Ask Yourself What You Would Change

Now that you’ve begun making your way through the list of all-important oral health habits and practices, do you think you did a stellar job throughout the previous year? Or, are there some areas that you need to work on a little bit? Go ahead and have an honest conversation with yourself, so you’re prepared to face another year and to keep your smile safe.