3 Things Contributing To Decay

When you think about tooth decay and how it affects your tooth, what do you visualize? Do you imagine your tooth simply gets dirty and starts to break down? Are you familiar with the factors that come into play regarding the formation of a cavity? Do you assume that if you would just stop eating sugar, decay could not possibly happen? To set the record straight, we suggest you consider three things that contribute to the development of decay. As a result, you’ll be able to paint a much clearer image of what’s going wrong and how to prevent it in the future.

#1: Bacteria

If we’re getting clinical about the details, the main cause of your tooth decay is bacteria. They live in your mouth and aren’t going anywhere. There are good bacteria and bad bacteria. The bad ones are those that feed on carbs in your mouth, digest them, and leave acid on your teeth (which leads to decay). Plaque is full of bad bacteria, so all of that brushing and flossing we suggest is actually very important.

#2: The Stuff That Traps Bacteria

Beyond the fact that your teeth are coated with bacteria-filled plaque every day is the fact that there are common ways for bacteria to become trapped on or between your teeth. When you eat, you get food particles stuck on or between your teeth. Bacteria feed on these and may become stuck. The result? You guessed it: A higher chance of tooth decay.

#3: Laid Back Hygiene

Not too interested in brushing and flossing your smile these days? Can’t find the motivation to schedule your dental cleaning? Unfortunately, when you’re not clearing plaque away (and letting us remove tartar), you’re setting up the ideal situation for tooth decay to occur. Find that spark of devotion to your smile and get back into great habits!