A Prettier, Straighter Smile (Fast!)

When you’re dealing with a smile that isn’t quite as straight an attractive as you would like but you’re not suffering from a serious misalignment, you may feel uncertain about what to do. You don’t really need to spend a couple years in a full set of braces because your concern is mostly a cosmetic issue. However, you need more than bonding and veneers to address the problem. Fortunately for you, we offer Six Month Smiles to take care of your every concern. Learn more!

Yes, It’s Actually Six Months Of Treatment

You may think to yourself that the name Six Month Smiles must be one of those gimmicks that makes it sound like quick treatment. However, the treatment is actually as fast as it sounds! You won’t need a couple years of orthodontic care. More like half a year (though treatment times do vary slightly).

No, They’re Not Metal Braces

You’ll be wearing clear brackets and wires. How about that? You can achieve straighter looking teeth without worrying about dealing with six months of metal on your teeth.

Yes, It’s Safe

You may think to yourself that if it’s an accelerated treatment, it must be extremely hard on your teeth and gums. While the hasty pace is nice, you don’t want to damage your oral health in the meantime. This is when we remind you that protecting your oral health is of the utmost importance to us! Choosing Six Month Smiles is safe! It’s based on gentle, low-force, modern technology that offers quick improvement without harming your smile.