Can Dental Implants Really Do It All?

When you first learn about dental implants as a tooth replacement, your takeaway will likely include a general sense of awe. “Wow!” you may think to yourself, “They really can do it all!” Then, as is the usual case when something seems too wonderful, you may find yourself wondering if there’s some drawback. Or, if perhaps the benefits aren’t really as fantastic as they seem. Give us a moment to help clarify for you what you’re getting when you choose implants (you will find that they really are as amazing as they seem).

They Can Do A Lot

It’s true that dental implants offer an exceptional way to replace your missing tooth. So wonderful, in fact, that it’s pretty close to the structure and function of the natural tooth that once stood in your now empty socket. For a quick recap, review the following, very real benefits of implants:

  • They will replace your roots
  • We will restore the implants, so they replace your entire tooth, including your crown
  • The implants are very stable, so eating is easy again
  • You will regain a completely natural, beautifully complete smile
  • Implants really can last for your lifetime

But Wait! … It’s A Process

The main obstacle that comes up when patients are deciding on dental implants follows: Receiving implants is a somewhat lengthy process, particularly when you compare implants with other types of replacement options. While a bridge or denture may take just a visit or two (and not much waiting time), implants require the following:

  • Oral surgery
  • Recovery
  • Time for the implant to bond with your jaw tissue (this may require several months)
  • The placement of restorations on the implants once you have healed and the implant has fused with your jaw tissue