Dental Extractions: Remember These 3 R’s

When you have had a dental experience that leads to the requirement of a dental extraction, we encourage you to focus on three R-words to see you through this experience, while feeling happy and relieved regarding your care. We know that it’s not always the first thing on your list of things to do but, as you will discover, receiving an extraction can provide you with a wonderful chance to reclaim your oral health (instead of allowing it to decline). Keep our helpful R-suggestions in mind, so your experience is a positive one.


Remember to relax. Even if you need the dental extraction because you forgot to wear your athletic mouthguard, because you just weren’t taking good care of your teeth, or otherwise, it doesn’t matter! What matters is that we are fixing the problem and you will have a clean slate from which to move forward. Also, of course, we offer sedation, so you can rest easy that the procedure itself is no big deal (really).


You will recover quickly and smoothly after your dental extraction. There’s not much to it other than following our instructions for keeping the area clean and safe, so you heal without any hiccups. Within a brief period (that won’t really interrupt your daily life very much), your smile will be back to normal.


Of course, we will replace your extracted tooth (unless it was a wisdom tooth, in which case no replacement is necessary). You will have a healthy and complete grin again, so don’t spend a moment worrying about this detail!