Dental Hygiene: Easy Changes For Easier Care!

Did you know that a lot of patients let us know that they find dental hygiene frustrating? Did you know that it doesn’t have to feel like a challenge but can actually feel like a natural extension of your daily life? When you notice that something about practicing preventive care at home is getting under your skin or starting to feel overwhelming, we encourage you to stop, put the toothbrush down, and consider our advice. Then, of course, get back to the brushing and flossing and you’ll see how easy it can be.

Change Up Your Flossing Schedule

As you know, it’s only important that you floss your smile one time every day. If you’ve gotten into the habit of doing it at the same time every day, this could be getting in your way. A rushed morning could be less stressful without flossing (or a tired evening could be less intense if you just didn’t need to floss). Swap your flossing time from morning to night (or vice versa) if necessary. It can work wonders for your home preventive care!

Ask Yourself About Your Resistance

Have an honest little discussion with yourself about your brushing and flossing. When it comes to preventive care, asking yourself the following questions (and keeping our suggestions in mind) might help:

  • Do I like my toothbrush? (If not, make a change!)
  • Do I love my toothpaste? (If not, choose something new. There are a lot of options out there.)
  • Do you have questions? (If so, ask us! There’s nothing to feel embarrassed about. Even the simplest of questions can yield much easier care at home and better oral health as a result.)