Q&A: Why Do I Have So Much Saliva?

Do you notice that you consistently have too much saliva in your mouth? Perhaps this is something that only happens on occasion but you’re not really sure why. Maybe you don’t really know if you have a normal amount of moisture in your mouth at any given time, if it’s too little, or too much. Fortunately, we can help you feel more grounded regarding what’s happening within your mouth with the help of questions and answers! Let’s go!

Questions and Answers

Question: Is it normal to start salivating when I’m hungry or if I’m eating certain foods?

Answer: Yes, when you have an increase in saliva before or during eating, this is a natural response from your body. It’s ensuring you have enough moisture in your mouth to effectively break down the foods you’re eating. Certain foods (like those that are spicy or acidic) will result in an increase, as well.

Question: How do I know if I’m producing too much or too little saliva? Is there some way for me to test this?

Answer: In general, if your mouth is comfortable, you don’t have problems with bad breath, and you’re not noticing that you are drooling or feeling uncomfortable, you’re likely A-OK. However, if you are unsure and want answers, your best approach is to visit us to see if your production is within the normal limits.

Question: Could something be wrong if I feel there’s too much saliva in my mouth?

Answer: If this is a problem that seems to be chronic (it doesn’t go away), you could be dealing with an overactive gland, it could be a medication side effect, it could have to with muscle control, and even pregnancy may be linked to the issue. Come see us!