Teeth Whitening In A Jiffy

Sometimes, you just need teeth whitening immediately! When those moments occur, we urge you to let us know and to come in for professional treatment instead of attempting to figure out a do-it-yourself treatment on your own. When you come into our practice, you will receive treatment that has been selected with your comfort, convenience, safety, and goals in mind. Attempting a store-bought or DIY option cannot offer the same benefits (and may lead to damage or poor finish). Curious about how we can help? Find out more!

About Your Rush

We understand that sometimes you need teeth whitening right away because something simply comes up. As a result, you don’t have the two weeks that it takes to whiten your smile with professional care at home. Some common reasons you might require care ASAP? Perhaps you are invited to a wedding and remember last minute that it’s almost time to attend. Maybe you simply forgot it was picture day at work at the end of the week and you’re in quite a bind! No worries. Call us, so we can assist you.

The Fast Whitening You Need

It’s true that we offer at-home whitening, which takes around two weeks. However, we also offer in-office whitening, which takes only one appointment. One brief visit, that is, requiring only about one hour. You’ll see an extraordinary shift from a discolored smile to a brilliant white one that is multiple shades whiter (and just in time for your very important upcoming event).