What To Do When Your Bite Feels “Off”

Have you ever felt like you have something stuck between your teeth but nothing is there? Does it feel like your tooth or teeth shifted? Maybe when you bite down, your teeth just don’t seem to fit together the way they usually do. When your bite is “off,” you can find yourself wondering if something is wrong, if it’s time for a visit, or if maybe you’re just imagining things. Chances are good that you need dental care to address what’s going on. To get down to the details, we encourage you to consider a little helpful information.


What Might Be Happening

A variety of issues may be contributing to you feeling like your bite has changed in some way. If you have experienced tooth loss, your bite may not fit together the same way (or your teeth may be shifting out of place). If you suffer from bruxism, eroded tooth surfaces can affect your bite. Old dental work (like a crown or a bridge) may suddenly become worn or damaged, from which even minor changes can affect your overall bite balance. Dental care to address the problem will lead toward a balanced out bite.

What To Do

So, now you know that there are a lot of variables that come into play. Whether you know exactly what’s causing the issue or you need a diagnosis, we encourage you to schedule a dental care visit with our practice. Only through a thorough examination can we pinpoint exactly what’s going on with your smile. Then, we may move forward with a plan of action to address the source of your complaint, so your smile is in excellent shape again.