Your Dental Stress: 3 Things We Understand

3aquadoorDo you experience dental stress that keeps you from coming in for preventive care? Perhaps you are not too worried about your checkups and cleanings but scheduling your visits for restorative treatments is when the stress begins to skyrocket. Maybe there’s nothing in particular about the care itself that makes your blood pressure go on the rise but you still end up with some amount of tension or anxiety. We would like to tell you something: We understand! Rather than feeling alone or avoiding the care you need, we suggest you let us know (and let us help).

You’re Worried About The Unknown

If you are worried about a new treatment, details of treatment you have received before, or you simply feel a little uncomfortable about coming in for care, remember that we understand. We know that allowing us to care for your teeth and gums requires a fair amount of trust and faith on your part! To help you feel more at ease, we always suggest you ask your questions. Whatever you need to know, tell us! We are happy to help you feel as informed as possible.

You Don’t Like Discomfort

So, your dental stress comes from the fact that you don’t like worrying about discomfort. Even though you might know we are gentle and friendly, you may still worry that a particular treatment will hurt. To this, we say: Yes, we are as gentle as possible and we also offer dental sedation. If your comfort concern is keeping you from coming in, talk with us about how sedation can help.

Your Schedule Is Crazy

Some patients are fine with dental care but they experience dental stress because they have trouble fitting care into their schedules. Don’t try to take this on. Instead, contact us and talk with us about your schedule. We will work with you to find an appointment time that is just right.