All About Mamelons: Do Your Incisors Have Bumps?

When you look around at smiles, see teeth in magazines, talk closely with friends and family members, and more, you may notice that you feel like the only person with little ridges on your teeth. Where did they come from and why do you rarely see them on other smiles? Fortunately, this is nothing to worry about (but we know you might not be happy with your smile’s appearance). Learn more about mamelons and how to rely on cosmetic dentistry for improvement.

What’s A Mamelon?

A mamelon is a bump on your incisor. It’s there because of the way your teeth take shape when you’re a child. As permanent teeth develop beneath baby teeth, they don’t start off as a single unit. Instead, three individual parts begin as “lobes.” When they fuse as one (your permanent tooth), the rounded segments of those lobes remain along your tooth edge. Usually, daily use of your teeth will erode the bumps, so your borders look smooth. However, this is not always how things go.

Do They Cause Problems?

The only problems mamelons cause is some emotional distress if you wish your teeth looked different. There’s no reason to worry about them, to think they are getting in the way of dental hygiene, to feel concerned, or to do anything to get rid of them. That is, unless you are unhappy with the way they affect the esthetics of your grin.

How Can I Say Goodbye To Them?

It just requires some simple cosmetic dental care to remove your mamelons. Have you heard of dental contouring? With a simple procedure, we can smooth your tooth borders, so they are even instead of ridged!