Dental Contouring: Concerns, Questions, Answers

There’s nothing wrong with asking questions about cosmetic care or any other type of dental care for that matter! In fact, we encourage you to talk with us about anything you’re considering for your smile, so you feel good about your choices. As you may have guessed, we would much prefer you come to us with questions right away, rather than giving yourself time to feel worried about treatment. If you’re curious about dental contouring, for instance, we are happy to help. Consider some common concerns, questions, and the answers we have for you.


When patients wait too long to simply ask us about how dental contouring works, they often find themselves with a list of worries. These concerns tend to include the following (which we will help you understand with more clarity):

  • Patients worry that contouring will damage their teeth. There’s nothing to feel concerned about here! We only remove as much as it safe and necessary.
  • Patients worry that contouring is expensive. It isn’t. It’s actually extremely friendly for most budgets.
  • Patients worry we offer universal improvements. We don’t. All cosmetic dentistry is tailored to your own needs.


If you come in to see us right away when you’re thinking about dental contouring, we certainly expect a lot of questions. These will probably include the following (and will quickly help you feel good about moving forward with care). Remember, we will be happy to answer these during a visit:

  • What will it feel like? (Rest assured, it’s comfortable).
  • How much will it cost? (It varies from case to case).
  • How long will it take? (Generally one brief visit will suffice).