Invisalign Treatment: Making It Easier

When you’re getting ready to receive Invisalign treatment, you are probably full of excitement about how lovely your smile is going to look in the future. Then, of course, there might also be some factors that have you a little bit worried. The treatment will be covering your smile and shifting your teeth, so there’s a bit of an adjustment period. What to think about this? How to make it easier? How do you avoid losing your trays? For the time being just take a breath, relax, and let us help you make it through the beginning of your treatment with ease!

Addressing Minor Soreness

You may find that when you begin Invisalign treatment (and when you change from one set to the next set of trays), minor soreness occurs. There are a couple ways to deal with this. First, you may begin treatment or new trays right before getting into bed, so the transition takes place while you’re fast asleep. Or, you may simply take over-the-counter medication for a day or two until you have fully adjusted.

Dealing With The Introductory Transition

You aren’t used to wearing trays in your mouth. As a result, when you begin with Invisalign treatment, you might feel annoyed by the trays. They might temporarily make it a little difficult to speak. These types of concerns will quickly subside as you adapt. Soon, you won’t even notice the trays!

Keeping (Not Misplacing) Your Trays

Since trays must be removed for eating and to clean your smile, you now have to keep up with them. Make your life easy and keep a storage case in your bathroom and another with you at all times. Then, no lost trays.