Oral Sedation Quiz: Do You Know Your Facts?

Do you know your oral sedation facts? Or, do you have only the slightest idea about what might set it apart from other sedation selections (but not by much)? If you’re all over the place and would like to streamline your knowledge, we suggest collecting essential facts with our helpful quiz. Of course, whatever you’re still lacking in knowledge we will be happy to fill in during your next appointment (or over the phone).

Quiz Questions: True or False?

  1. True or False: Oral sedation is only available in a pill form. If you are not comfortable swallowing pills, you may need to consider another sedation option.
  2. True or False: Taking sedation by mouth means that you’re receiving a single dose of a sedative. We cannot customize your sedation throughout your visit as a result.
  3. True or False: One of the main benefits of orally administered sedation is the fact that you may take the medicine beginning the night before your visit for a calm, good night’s sleep.

Quiz Answers

  1. False. One main feature of oral sedation is that you can take it by mouth. However, that does not mean you need to be able to swallow a pill. We may also provide you with the sedative in a liquid form if you prefer.
  2. True. While we can increase and decrease the amount of nitrous oxide or IV sedation you receive, this is not the case with oral sedation. If you prefer customized sedation throughout your visit, you may wish to consider a different option.
  3. True. If you struggle with serious dental anxiety, this can be extremely helpful.