Toothpaste By Age

When you’re about to brush your teeth, do you ever wonder how much toothpaste you should be using? Are you using too much? Perhaps you’re not using enough! Then, if you have children, you may also feel uncertain about how much toothpaste to use for their growing smiles. The same as you? A different amount? To put all of these concerns to rest, we can quickly outline the details for you (and clear up some common confusion) to ensure everyone’s oral health remains in tip top shape.

Who Uses A Grain Of Rice Amount?

You don’t. That wouldn’t be nearly enough toothpaste to protect your oral health! Your children, however, if they are younger than three years of age and have one or more teeth to clean will require just a grain-of-rice-size bit of toothpaste. As long as you use this amount (and it includes fluoride) you’re right on track.

Who Uses A Pea Size Dollop?

Surprise! Once your child is over the age of three, you and your little one should both be using about the same amount of toothpaste. How much? About the size of a pea! You don’t need to use more (even if you have the urge to squirt some more onto your bristles). This much fluoridated paste will successfully get you and your oral health through one effective brushing session.

Why Do TV Ads Show Significantly More?

When you see the length of a toothbrush head covered in a long strip of toothpaste, it’s only because it makes for attractive advertising. As you have likely realized, what you see on TV is not necessarily a good representation of reality!