Can’t Stomach Lactose? Try Our Calcium Q&A.

If you’re someone whose body simply cannot digest lactose, you may find yourself feeling a bit worried about how you will ever get enough calcium in your diet. True, you can take supplements, but it’s best to give your teeth and bones the vitamins and minerals they need through the foods and beverages you consume first. Fortunately, your oral health does not have to suffer (and the same is true for your gastrointestinal tract!). We have some helpful suggestions for dairy-free options packed with essential calcium.

Questions and Answers

Question: If I can’t consume lactose, what should I do to make sure I’m getting enough calcium?

Answer: If your problem is mild, you may wish to try out lactase enzyme pills, which you can find in the digestive section of your local drugstore. By taking them with dairy, they provide your body with the missing enzyme needed to break down lactose.

Question: What if I can’t consume any dairy? Is there something I can do for my oral health?

Answer: Of course. You can fill up on other sources of calcium. Remember that all calcium is good but finding foods full of it is even better. Calcium-rich options include (but are not limited to) many types of beans, a serving of almonds, kale (and other deeply pigmented green veggie options), and anything that has added calcium!

Question: Why can’t I just stop worrying about my diet and instead focus on taking calcium pills?

Answer: Swallowing supplements every day may help you protect your oral health. However, it’s not the best way to get your fill of this mineral. Start with a nutritious diet and then rely on mineral supplementation only if you require it.

Keep Calm And Get Your Calcium

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