Hypertension Medication: Oral Side Effects

Does the idea of coming into the dentist send your blood pressure skyrocketing? If so, there’s nothing out of the ordinary there (however, remember that we offer sedation if you feel anxious). As for hypertension that is chronic in nature, it is best to take medication prescribed to you by your doctor as you seek out options to resolve the cause. The good news is that you will feel much better and you will be protecting yourself from directly related health problems. However, there’s a particular side effect of many high blood pressure pills that can leave your smile in less than stellar condition: The side effect is dry mouth. Let us help you deal with the issue!

Side Effects Of Blood Pressure Pills

Unfortunately, your hypertension may cause some complications for your life! Not only do you need to take medication and work on potential factors causing your high blood pressure (such as stress and diet) but you may also discover that treating the problem leads to dry mouth. The reason this is so problematic? Dry oral tissues encourage bad breath, decay, gingivitis, and acid erosion.

How To Manage Your Oral Health

You know that you’re going to have to tackle your hypertension and dry mouth if it is, in fact, a side effect of the prescription you’ve received. Fortunately, you can keep your blood pressure in check and your oral health safe with these suggestions:

  • Re-visit your doctor to ask if an alternative medicine may address the issue
  • Visit us for suggestions and guidance to promote moist oral tissues
  • Drink more water
  • Keep saliva flowing by sucking on candy or lozenges (look for sugarless options sweetened with xylitol when possible)

Avoid Dry Mouth Complications

Struggling with dry mouth is something you can quickly conquer by coming in to see us. Schedule an appointment with your Keller, TX dentist at Brent Cornelius, DDS by calling 817-431-4200 today. We proudly welcome patients from Keller, Roanoke, Trophy Club, Westlake, Southlake, North Richland Hills, and all surrounding communities.