2 Things You’re Doing That Damage Your Teeth

You might be doing a lot of wonderful things for your oral health. You might be brushing as we instruct you to do, you may be flossing, and you might even be thoughtful throughout the day regarding little details to promote healthy teeth and gums. However, that doesn’t mean you’re not accidentally participating in some particular actions that can end up damaging your teeth. To help you uncover these mysterious problems (and similar issues), we offer up a couple things to consider, so your smile remains that much safer.

#1: You Eat The Ice In Your Soda

This is a double whammy! First things first, if you’re drinking soda (with sugar or the diet version), you’re exposing your smile to acid. This acidic beverage is no good for your oral health because it will soften and wear your enamel away over time. On top of that, if you’re then chewing on the ice remaining in the cup, you’re physically eroding your teeth and are encouraging chips and cracks.

#2: You Drink Or Eat After Your Nightly Brushing

Hooray for you if you brush your teeth every night as we suggest. This is essential to protecting your oral health and ensures your regenerative sleep time is beneficial for your smile, too. However, if you’re drinking or eating anything other than water after your nightly brushing and before you get into bed, you’re setting yourself up for a smile that develops decay. Once clean, leave those teeth clean, so bacteria don’t have a field day while you’re sleeping.

Learn About Great Habits During Checkups

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