Defining “Bio-” Terms That You Will Hear

As you will notice over the course of your experience with our dental practice, there are a lot of important terms that begin with “bio-.” Why so, you wonder? Well, when it comes to dental care, one of our goals is to provide you with treatments that allow your smile to look natural and lifelike, that protect the tissue in your mouth, and that do not cause harm or irritation. As you may know, “bio” means “life.” We think a few particular terms will help clue you in a bit more as to how all of this works together to protect your oral health.

What Does Biofilm Mean?

Biofilm is a term used to explain the sticky coating that saturates the surface of your smile, which is full of microorganisms like bacteria. As you may have just figured out, it’s another term for the dental plaque that covers your teeth. When left on your smile, it will lead to problems like cavities and gum disease, which is why we suggest you cleanse it from your smile twice daily to promote optimal oral health.

What Is Biomimetic Dentistry?

Any type of dental care that strives to preserve your dental tissue, while relying on treatments that essentially copy the natural structure and composition of your oral tissues falls under the category of biomimetic dentistry. Translation: The use of artificial tissues to repair your natural tissues in a way that looks and functions naturally and won’t harm your smile. This might include the use of porcelain inlays and onlays. For a very shortened down version, the term translates into bio (meaning lifelike) and mimetic (meaning copy).

What’s It Mean If Something Is Biocompatible?

This simply means that it isn’t going to harm your oral health because biocompatible means bio (living or lifelike) and compatible (friendly). So, it’s friendly rather than harmful to living oral tissue.

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