Fun Facts About: Spinach And Your Smile!

Have you ever looked at your friend while you’re eating spinach salads and asked with a worried look on your face, “Is this making your teeth feel really weird, too?” Have you ever wondered if spinach is a superfood not only for your body but for your oral health, as well? If you have been nodding your head, you will enjoy some fun facts we have gathered together for you!

Fun Fact: It Will Make Your Teeth Feel Strange

About that funny feeling: It’s not just you experiencing it. It’s everyone. Sure enough, spinach is full of lots of vitamins and minerals, as well as something called oxalic acid. Though it’s an acid, it is present in spinach in a solid crystal form. As you break down the leaf, the crystals make their way over your teeth, leaving you with that starchy, chalky sensation.

Fun Fact: It’s An Excellent Source Of Calcium And Vit A

About those vitamins and minerals … spinach is full of them. So, yes, it’s a superfood for your oral health, too! Expect a nice serving of calcium and vitamin A, both of which will help keep your enamel strong and healthy.

Fun Fact: They’re Fiber-Full (And Help Clean Teeth)

In short, spinach is full of fiber, which means it can clean your teeth. How so? Well, the fibrousness of this food will help remove food particles and plaque from tooth surfaces, while you’re chewing. It’s a win-win! You get the benefits of enamel-strengthening vitamins and minerals and it offers even more protection against oral health problems like decay.

Eat Spinach For A Healthy Smile!

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