Optimizing Your Next Cleaning And Checkup

Of course, you’d love to sit down in our chair every six months to a simple, effective, streamlined dental cleaning and checkup that yields the best possible results. It would also be nice to hear that you’re taking wonderful care of your smile and that you’ve made our job very easy. While this end goal sounds lovely, you may feel that you’re not entirely sure how to reach it. No problem. We have some very easy to remember and accomplish goals for you that will ensure you’re making the absolute most of your professional preventive visits each and every time.

Stay Committed To Your Home Care Between Visits

Don’t become lax about your habits between dental cleanings and checkups. When you’re on top of your brushing and flossing every single day between visits, you’re removing as much plaque as you can as consistently as we suggest. As a result, when we see you, chances are good that we won’t have much plaque and tartar to clean away (and you will likely not have any decay or other issues that require treatment).

Brush Your Teeth Before You Come In

To make the most of your next dental cleaning and checkup, brush before your appointment. It will make your visit quicker, easier for us to complete, and you will feel proud of the way your smile looks to us at first glance.

Make Note If Things Change

Remember to make notes along the way between visits. Jot down a note if your mouth feels different, if you notice a visible change, if you begin taking a new medication, if you receive any type of diagnosis from your doctor for a chronic illness, etc. Also, if your dental insurance changes, be sure to let us know ahead of time!

Make Your Next Visit An Easy One

Consider some simple ways to ensure your next dental cleaning and checkup is as easy as possible, and remember to schedule this preventive appointment every six months. Schedule an appointment with your Keller, TX dentist at Brent Cornelius, DDS by calling 817-431-4200 today. We proudly welcome patients from Keller, Roanoke, Trophy Club, Westlake, Southlake, North Richland Hills, and all surrounding communities.