Overstimulated Senses: What To Do During Dental Visits

What is it that gets you feeling nervous about your dental visits? Do you simply find that you feel overstimulated by all of the different scents going on? Do you feel jumpy as a result of the foreign noises? Perhaps the way things taste is a bit of sensory overload. To help you feel nice and relaxed during your care, we suggest you consider some helpful suggestions that can easily take the edge off and help you feel calm and centered.

Bring Along A Preferred Distraction

For some, avoiding feeling overloaded by too many outside stimuli just means focusing on something familiar. This depends completely on the type of distraction you prefer. For instance, for some, a favorite album listened to on one’s mp3 device is all it takes to drift away. For others, holding a beloved charm, toting along a special blanket, or otherwise during a dental visit offers a relaxing sense of security. Let us know if you’re not sure about what you’d like to bring, so we can help.

Give Us A Heads Up

Tell us about what’s bothering you. In some cases, it might be something we can change or something for which we can offer some specific suggestions. Are there certain flavors you cannot stand? Let us know. Did you know that we offer blankets and pillows upon request? Just ask!

Consider Sedation!

When you find that you have some trouble addressing the overstimulation of your nerves, we encourage you to enjoy your dental visit by considering sedation. It will do the work for you, so you can sit back and drift off into a peaceful state.

Enjoy Calm, Tranquil Care With Our Team

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