Q&A: Recognizing National Facial Protection Month

Are you aware that it’s National Facial Protection Month? If not, now is the time to take a serious look at whether you’re protecting yourself from facial injury. Are you wearing protective gear when you play sports? When you rollerblade? When a helmet is essential, you should wear one. When a mouthguard is necessary, make sure you’re wearing it! Need some guidance? Answers to common questions should help.

Questions and Answers

Question: What if the sport I’m playing doesn’t lend itself to many strong impacts? Isn’t a mouthguard really just necessary for high-impact athletics?

Answer: A facial injury can happen no matter what type of sport you’re playing. Instead of assuming all will be well, always wear a mouthguard to keep yourself safe.

Question: What if I’ve tried a mouthguard before but it wasn’t comfortable? Is there something I can do to protect myself from a facial injury?

Answer: Fortunately, there are different types of mouthguards. If you experienced one that was not comfortable, speak with us about your options. You may simply require a carefully crafted custom guard for a better experience.

Question: Can’t I just hope for the best and come in for restorative care if something happens?

Answer: While a chipped tooth is not too difficult to treat, it’s important to consider the fact that facial injuries can be severe, may result in extremely expensive care, and can require complex oral surgery. Preventing potential damage, pain, interruption to your life, and a lengthy repair process is much more effective than hoping for the best.

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