Tips For Smile Care At Work

Caring for your smile at home is easy. You can walk to the bathroom whenever you feel like it in a leisurely manner, take your time, and if you’re lucky, nobody is looking at you while you brush and floss your smile. However, dental care at work is an entirely different thing. Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a private bathroom, you might not know how to keep your oral health safe throughout the workday. Don’t worry! We have just the helpful tips you’ve been hoping to find.

Tip: Keep Hygiene Products With You

It’s totally normal to keep a toothbrush and toothpaste (and dental floss, too) with you at work. Pack a little travel-size bag and consider travel-size dental hygiene products if you want a less bulky pack to carry with you to the bathroom. That way, on your lunch break or any other time of day, you can clean your smile with the same dental care you practice at home.

Tip: Keep Water And Sugarless Gum Around

Not too thrilled about brushing and flossing in front of coworkers? Don’t have the time? Don’t worry. Drink water after meals and snacks. Then, chew sugarless gum for about 20 minutes. It will offer some serious cleaning (and protection for your oral health) when a brush and paste aren’t an option.

Tip: At The Very Least … Rinse!

So, you brought your travel kit home with you to refill it and you didn’t have time during lunch to grab a bottle of water. Then, you realized as you opened your drawer that your cubicle mate took the last piece of your sugarless gum without throwing the package away. When you’re in a pinch, the best thing you can do is find a water source and rinse! After a snack, sugary or acidic beverage, or meal, this will truly offer some protection to your oral health.

Get Helpful Tips During Checkups

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