Children’s Dentistry


Good dental health is a life-long endeavor, and it begins with what we learn as children. When you have children of your own, the lessons you’ve learned should be passed down as you teach them to care for the health of their own smiles. A part of maintaining good dental health for life is developing a fruitful relationship with your family dentist. A part of teaching your children about their dental health is helping them grow accustomed to regular dental visits so they become second-nature by the time they are young adults.

Dental Services for Kids

Many of the tenets of children’s dentistry are the same as those of general dentistry for adults. By age three, you should begin bringing your child in for routine dental checkups and cleanings, during which Dr. Cornelius can inspect the health and integrity of their teeth, gums, and oral structures. If problems arise, such as crooked teeth or early cavities, we can recommend an appropriate interceptive treatment to address the issue before it grows worse.

For children with teeth that are prone to cavity development, we may recommend fluoride applications and/or dental sealants. Fluoride is a mineral that helps strengthen the protective enamel around teeth. Dental sealants are biocompatible acrylic coatings “painted” onto the chewing surfaces of teeth that are prone to bacteria development, such as molars. The coatings are also biodegradable, meaning they will eventually disintegrate and will not need to be removed later.

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