Children’s Dentistry FAQs

Girl Brushing Teeth so She Can Have Healthy TeethAs a parent, you want to make sure your child’s development is highlighted by good experiences at the dentist’s office. After all, positive memories like these will inspire your child to continue taking good care of their teeth at home and seeking out regular checkups and cleanings once they’ve grown up and are on their own. The FAQS about children’s dentistry will help you become a better informed parent and help ease your child into the dental experience.

What are Some Common Dental Problems in Children?

The most common oral health issue affecting children in the United States is tooth decay, or cavities. In fact, according to the CDC, 42% of American children between the ages of 2 and 11 have tooth decay in at least one baby (primary) tooth. Other oral health problems, like gingivitis and orthodontic issues are also seen with some frequency in older children.

What Kinds of Dental Treatment Can My Child Expect?

At your child’s appointment, your dentist will thoroughly examine your child’s mouth, keeping a sharp eye on developing problems like tooth decay and misalignment. The two most common treatments for children are:

  • Topical fluoride. This fruity-tasting paste contains fluoride, a naturally-occurring mineral that strengthens teeth to prevent cavities.
  • Dental sealants. This gentle treatment consists of a thin layer of impermeable dental material applied to the tops of the molars. It protects the back teeth from decay and your child’s dentist may recommend them if your child is at risk for cavities.

How Can I Make My Child Feel Comfortable at the Dentist?

Children tend to feel anxious or scared of people, places, and experiences that are unfamiliar. Therefore, helping your child understand what he or she can expect during their checkup can help your child feel more comfortable. Books and videos can help explain dental care in a way that young minds can grasp. In addition, as a parent, remaining calm and positive about the experience will make it much easier for your little one.


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