2 Tips: Prepping For Your Dental Visit

twogoldHave you been seeking out a new dental practice for yourself – or yourself and your family? If so, you may be extremely relieved to have found a place that offers care for the whole family. You may also find yourself a little bit unsure about how to prepare for your first dental visit with us. Fortunately, there’s not much to it! Following a couple tips will help you feel confident and will even help you get called back to the exam room quickly, so you can enjoy a very efficient visit.

Tip #1: Check Out Our Dental Videos

Do you have questions that you’ve been wanting to ask a dentist? Before you come in for your dental visit, you might want to check out our dental videos. They cover all sorts of topics, from offering information about electric toothbrushes to explaining flossing and details about braces. This may offer you some immediate answers, while helping you streamline the inquiries you bring up when you see us during your dental checkup. (Remember: we are always glad to take the time give you the answers you seek).

Tip #2: Bring Completed Forms

Guess what? You can show up to your first dental visit with us without having to laboriously fill in your new patient forms with a pen and clipboard in the waiting room. Instead, you may use our patient forms page to print the forms after downloading them. You will also find a login for patients as well as our HIPAA Privacy Policy. As a result, you can take care of your administrative-related responsibilities in the comfort of your own home, so showing up and signing in is a breeze. (Have questions? Please give us a call!).