Dental Sealants: Myths Versus Facts

mythscrossedfactsDo you get a lot of your information from friends, family, and from other parents? If so, you may find that when you visit us with your new ideas, some of them are factual and others lie within the realm of rumors or myths. As far as helpful preventive treatments like dental sealants are concerned, collecting too many myths on the topic may keep you from selecting this completely beneficial option for your child. While we can inform you fully in person, we encourage you to begin separating the truth from the fiction with common myths (and facts).

Myth Or Fact?

Myth: Dental sealants are helpful but they are going to become expensive. You’ll need to reapply them pretty often for them to work.

Fact: Your son or daughter may only need one application. This is because they tend to provide effective results for up to 10 years at at time.

Myth: Once your child’s habits have become reliable, we will need to schedule an appointment to remove the dental sealants.

Fact: They require no removal procedure. The substance will continually diminish over time. If your child can successfully brush every tooth surface, we will not need to apply them again.

Myth: Receiving sealants is a time consuming process that requires your child to sit for a long period of time.

Fact: The placement is a very convenient experience. It generally takes a matter of minutes to complete the process, so it’s ideal not only to protect your little one’s oral health but also makes for an easy way to offer your child improved preventive care.