Category: Community Events

Valentine’s Murder Mystery

Are you interested in doing something a little different this year for Valentine’s Day? Spice up your evening with a bit of mystery and intrigue by considering this upcoming event that is sure to shock, awe, and surprise!

Fun With Snap Circuits

Do you have a young aspiring engineer in your family? Perhaps your children have simply begun asking about electricity and you have done your best to explain – but they’re itching for more information. If so, remember to set aside some time for your little scientists to visit this upcoming event.

Classic ‘80s Movie Event

Are you a huge fan of classic movies from the 1980s? Do you love seeing your old favorites on the big screen? If so, there’s no time like right now to gather up other enthusiasts and head to the movie theater for this upcoming event.

Frugal Farm Wife

Have you ever wondered what it must have been like a few centuries ago, long before we had all the modern conveniences we enjoy today? For instance, what was it like in North Texas on a daily basis? If these are the types of things you ponder, you will truly enjoy this upcoming event that… Read more »

Daddy Daughter Sweetheart Ball

It’s that time of year again! Time for dads and daughters to spend an evening at the town daddy daughter ball. So, put on your best dance attire and prepare for a fun night out with your little girl and other fathers and daughters in your community.

Christmas Morning Breakfast

Looking for something unique to serve on Christmas morning that will make your breakfast completely unique and memorable? If so, consider skipping the usual spiced breads or muffins and choose something a little different and very tasty. For those who enjoy spending a bit of prep time in the kitchen with family, you might love… Read more »

Enjoy It’s A Wonderful Life

Can you finish the line, “Every time a bell rings” as you visualize Jimmy Stewart in one of your favorite films? Have you been telling your little ones about classic Christmas movies, wishing you had the chance to see them in the theater? Fortunately, now is truly your chance with this exciting upcoming event in your… Read more »

Charles Duke Singing Group

Does this time of year seem to stir up your creative side? Do you love listening to as much holiday-themed music as you can, while you spend time admiring the colors, textures, and beautiful designs associated with the holidays? If this is beginning to sound a lot like you during wintertime festivities, you might want… Read more »

Fishing For Fun

Wondering how you will ever decompress after the high-intensity holiday season? Sure, singing your favorite holiday tunes and spending time with family is enjoyable, but when January rolls around you might need a little time off from the meal prepping, party planning, gift buying, and outfit choosing. So do yourself a favor: Mark off the… Read more »

Holly Days

Looking for some over-the-top winter wonderland type of fun to get the holidays started in rare form? Gather up your kids, your spouse, your relatives, your friends, and the entire neighborhood and get ready for a truly delightful way to celebrate the holiday season.