Checkups & Cleanings


For the most part, your general dental care should entail little more than routine checkups and cleanings, which allow Dr. Cornelius and our team to professionally clean and inspect your teeth and gums. Though the usual rule is to schedule your visits no more than six months apart, you may require more frequent visits if you are particularly at risk for a dental health issue.

The Necessity of Dental and Deep Cleanings

During a dental cleaning appointment, one of our hygienists will meticulously clean every surface of your teeth. On a day-to-day basis, brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice can help you control the majority of bacteria-rich plaque. However, a professional dental cleaning is the only way to remove plaque’s calcified form, tartar.

If bacteria, plaque, and tartar have worked their way down onto your tooth roots, then Dr. Cornelius may recommend a periodontal cleaning (also known as a deep cleaning). An ultrasonic scaler will help us reduce your risk of gum disease by breaking up bacterial deposits underneath your gums. Because it is more involved, a periodontal cleaning may require more than one visit to complete.

The Point of Dental Checkups

During a dental checkup, which is performed in conjunction with a dental cleaning, Dr. Cornelius can detect the early signs of conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease, as well as tissue abnormalities that could indicate oral cancer and other diseases.

In some cases, digital X-rays and an intraoral camera can give you and Dr. Cornelius a more comprehensive view, and therefore a more accurate diagnosis, of your dental health. He can also recommend an appropriate restorative treatment, if necessary, and better explain how the treatment will restore your smile using digital technology.

Fluoride Treatment

Is It Time for a Checkup & Cleaning?

By attending regular checkup and cleaning appointments, you can largely avoid having to receive more extensive restorative or cosmetic treatment. To schedule your next visit, call Dr. Cornelius’ office in Keller, TX, at 817-431-4200. We proudly the serve the residents of Keller, Roanoke, Trophy Club, Westlake, Southlake, North Richland Hills, and all surrounding communities.

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