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What’s Happening In Keller, TX?

Each week we like to highlight upcoming community events. There is so much for you and your family to enjoy in our community, especially around the holidays. In addition, if you’re interested in attending your upcoming events or gatherings with a brighter smile, be sure to contact us right away for teeth whitening or other… Read more »

Heritage House Holiday Bazaar

Have you found yourself swept away quite early with the holiday spirit? Are you ready as ever to get your shopping underway but you’re not sure where to begin? If you’d like to skip the malls at the moment in favor of something more one-of-a-kind, you just might want to head out to the Heritage… Read more »

Candy Buyback Update: It Was A Success!

If you keep up with the exciting goings-on at our practice, you know that we recently held a candy buy back in which we literally bought back your leftover Halloween candy from you to send to our troops. (We also invited you and your little ones to get creative and make cards for the soldiers… Read more »

K-9 Pointe Dog Park Grand Opening

Does your heart belong to a very special pup? If so, you’re part of the dog owner’s club, which means you do anything and everything you can to spoil and entertain that lovable little beast of yours! If you haven’t caught wind of this upcoming event quite yet, you’ll be overjoyed to learn about it… Read more »

1st Annual Run With The Turkeys Trot

Thanksgiving is on its way, which means you just might be planning out the many delicious foods to pile high onto your plate, those of which you will eat second helpings, and then there’s the dessert! If you’ve been keeping up with the Keep Keller Fit 2016 campaign, you know that your community is looking… Read more »

Candy Buy Back!

Once the excitement of Halloween dies down and your children remember what it feels like to overeat candy before going to bed, there’s a lot of extra candy lying around! However, those who are not in excess of candy (and who are always in need of support) are our troops. Fortunately, we are participating in… Read more »

I Heart BBQ!

Does the idea of getting your fingers a bit dirty and sticky thanks to a heaping serving of BBQ sound like a dream come true? If so, gather up your friends and family (and your appetites, too) and head out to this community event. It’s just around the corner!

Community Day!

Are you quite the fan of this lovely community we live in? If so, now’s your chance to get out in the fresh air and to help keep Keller looking clean and gorgeous. Community Day is just around the corner!

Harvest Stew Community Event

Are there few things that feel more magical and cozy to you than the fall season? As Halloween approaches, are you feeling hopeful about finding ways to enjoy this wonderful time of year, while ensuring the rest of the community has the chance to do the same? Fortunately, this upcoming family-friendly event might off what… Read more »

Monster Kids’ Triathlon

Do your little ones love participating in active events? If so, this upcoming kids’ triathlon may be just the stuff your children love to get involved in. Remember, this is quite the popular experience, so sign up to reserve your spaces fast before it’s too late!