Candy Buyback Update: It Was A Success!

corneliusbuybacksuccessIf you keep up with the exciting goings-on at our practice, you know that we recently held a candy buy back in which we literally bought back your leftover Halloween candy from you to send to our troops. (We also invited you and your little ones to get creative and make cards for the soldiers who appreciate not only sweet treats but also sweet messages of support). We are so thrilled to be able to announce that this was one exceptionally successful buy back!

How We Succeeded

Believe it or not, we were able to send hundreds of pounds of candy to our soldiers away from home. That’s right! Over 400 pounds of candy to be a bit more precise. Of course, we also received some extraordinarily thoughtful cards and letters, which we were honored to send along.

Who We Would Like To Thank

We would like to thank absolutely everyone involved in making the candy buy back a success! Special thanks go out to our thoughtful and dedicated patients who snapped into action and poured their hearts (and candy bags) out in support of this project. We also thank Operation Gratitude for this program, Best Price Boxes for the thoughtful donation of boxes to support this project, Copy & Ship HG in Keller for the help and patience required to ship all of this candy, and of course, our troops for dedicating their lives to keeping our country safe!