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Toothpaste By Age

When you’re about to brush your teeth, do you ever wonder how much toothpaste you should be using? Are you using too much? Perhaps you’re not using enough! Then, if you have children, you may also feel uncertain about how much toothpaste to use for their growing smiles. The same as you? A different amount?… Read more »

Gagging Problems: How To Press Forward With Dental Care

When you’re a patient who has a sensitive gag reflex, dealing with dental care can become quite frustrating. Beyond the fact that some aspects of your dental hygiene at home can prove difficult, the same may become true of coming in to see us. You want to do all of the things we suggest, of… Read more »

How Does Tooth Decay Happen?

Cavities affect at least one permanent tooth of over 90% of adults in America, and remain the number one chronic disease among school-aged children. The prevalence of cavities, coupled with the fact that they directly destroy your tooth’s structure, makes them a prominent cause of tooth loss (though gum disease is the top cause). To… Read more »