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Gingivitis Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

You probably know that gingivitis is dangerous for your oral health. You also know that gum disease is bad for you, as well. However, you might not know whether these terms are synonymous, if gum problems are avoidable, or who needs to be paying close attention to dental hygiene. Rest assured, we know that this… Read more »

Helpful Gum Terms To Know

If you don’t know very much about your gums but you are diagnosed with any stage of gum disease, you might find that you know something is wrong and that treatment is essential … but that for the most part, you have no idea what we’re talking about. We don’t love this, of course, because one… Read more »

3 Reminders About Gum Disease

If you have been thinking about your gum health lately and wondering where gum disease comes from, you may need a quick refresher. We are always happy to go over the details with you because this is one oral health issue that you do not want to deal with! Remember, the more consistent you are… Read more »

Receding Gums: What’s It All About?

What do you notice about your smile these days when you look in the mirror? When you eat? When you brush your teeth? Have you suddenly realized that your teeth look a little longer? Do your teeth feel sensitive a lot of the time? If so, it’s time you come on in to talk with… Read more »

3 Gum Symptoms To Watch For

When your tooth hurts, you know it’s probably a good idea to call us. When a sore shows up and it doesn’t go away, you know scheduling an appointment is essential. However, how much do you know about gum disease symptoms and whether a change requires a phone call and a visit? The brief version… Read more »

How Your Gums Affect Your Smile

Most people think a smile is all about the teeth. It’s true, your teeth are what draw the eye, but your gums also have an impact on your smile. Too little gum can make teeth look longer, and make you seem older. Too much gum can make the teeth look too small for your smile…. Read more »

What is Restorative Dentistry?

It isn’t hard to deduce that Restorative Dentistry has something to do with restoration. But what, exactly, does that mean? Restorative Dentistry includes procedures that repair the functionality and appearance to your teeth and mouth. Restoring functionality means the tooth can again perform needed tasks, such as chewing food. Restoring appearance means your smile and… Read more »

Quiz: Gum Disease Side Effects

When it comes to taking excellent care of your smile, it is easy to focus primarily on your teeth, barely giving your gums a second thought. Unfortunately, this can mean some less than ideal issues with your periodontal health. The good news is that keeping your entire smile in good condition is quite simple, as… Read more »

How to Fight Gum Disease

Like many other health issues, procrastination can spell disaster when it comes to dealing with gum disease. As a progressive illness, gum disease only grows worse with time, and the longer you wait, the more destruction you’ll have to rebuild to restore your smile’s beauty and function. So how do you know if you have… Read more »