How Your Gums Affect Your Smile

How Your Gum Affect Your SmileMost people think a smile is all about the teeth. It’s true, your teeth are what draw the eye, but your gums also have an impact on your smile. Too little gum can make teeth look longer, and make you seem older. Too much gum can make the teeth look too small for your smile. Some people are born with gums that are “just right” and others work with a dental professional to get the best balance of gums in their smile.

When Gums Recede (Pull Back)

Some common reasons gums can recede include brushing too vigorously, and from gum infection. If you smoke or use tobacco products, or if you have a pierced tongue or lip you may find your gums recede. Women’s gums may recede due to hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause. In some cases, gum recession can be halted by correcting brushing techniques. If gum recession is due to infection, deep cleaning treatments may be recommended. Receding gums should not be ignored.

Too Much Gum

Having too much gum when you smile is a cosmetic concern, rather than something that affects your overall health. Your genes determine lip size, tooth size and how your gums show in a smile, but your dentist can use gum contouring to improve a gummy smile. Instead of a scalpel, a targeted laser is used to trim away excess gum tissue. Along with being able to remove specific tissue very exactly, a laser will cauterize vessels as it works, which reduces bleeding. The result is an attractive smile, without much down time.