Receding Gums: What’s It All About?

smilegummirrorWhat do you notice about your smile these days when you look in the mirror? When you eat? When you brush your teeth? Have you suddenly realized that your teeth look a little longer? Do your teeth feel sensitive a lot of the time? If so, it’s time you come on in to talk with us about gum recession. This is simply a term to describe what happens when your gum tissue gently lifts off of your teeth and begins to recede (or pull back). Fortunately, identifying the cause of this issue, understanding why you need a solution, and caring for the problem are all quite simple.

The Causes Of Recession

Your gums may act this way for a variety of easy to recognize reasons. With just a single visit and dental checkup with you, we will determine one of the following:

  • You’re brushing far too hard, which is leading to gum recession
  • You are suffering from gum disease, which has led to inflammation and recession

What To Do About It

If the reason you are suffering from gum recession is solely to do with your dental hygiene habits, we will help you transform these efforts into something that can protect your smile, so your gums can heal. If gum disease is the issue, we will suggest a deep cleaning to get you started.

Why It Matters

Addressing gum recession matters so much because your gums cover the roots of your teeth for a reason! They offer support and protection. When gum tissue recedes, it leaves your smile more vulnerable to health problems and sensitivity (and it will look unhealthy, too).