3 Reminders About Gum Disease

If you have been thinking about your gum health lately and wondering where gum disease comes from, you may need a quick refresher. We are always happy to go over the details with you because this is one oral health issue that you do not want to deal with! Remember, the more consistent you are with your dental checkups and the better you care for your smile, the easier it is to avoid periodontal problems (or to treat them immediately). Consider some reminders, so you stay on track with your smile care.

Reminder #1: Genetics Do Play A Role

You might be more likely than some to develop gum disease, which is why it’s very important to take excellent care of your smile no matter what. Everything from your genetic makeup to your hormone levels can have an effect.

Reminder #2: Dental Care Can Prevent It

About those dental checkups we suggest you schedule twice a year (and the dental cleanings and the care we suggest you practice at home): It’s all very important. In addition to preventing cavities and bad breath, removing plaque from your smile is key to helping you avoid gum disease. Keep up with it and you can expect good results!

Reminder #3: It Can Destroy Your Smile

Of course, you can receive advanced periodontal treatment to address and manage the disease. You can also go through a full mouth reconstruction if you experience serious damage. However, it is much easier to prevent these issues. Keep in mind that the small amount of effort it takes to prevent oral health problems like gum disease is worth avoiding damaged gums, ligaments, tooth loss, and jawbone deterioration.