Achieving Cosmetic Goals In 2016

2016lightsAs the New Year inches closer and closer, you are likely spending more and more time thinking about your resolutions for 2016. If one of your areas of concentration includes achieving a smile you can feel proud to put on display, we suggest you learn a bit more about what you can expect from cosmetic treatments. Do you know how to fix the problems that plague your smile’s beauty or are you just beginning your journey? Find out a bit more about how to address esthetic problems, so you can feel excited about transforming your grin.

For A Whiter Smile

If you are looking for a more dazzling, whiter smile, we suggest you learn more about teeth whitening. This is a treatment that includes a simple yet very effective procedure. With the help of bleaching gel placed on your teeth, we can assist you in accomplishing a brighter smile that looks several shades whiter.

For A More Uniform Smile

Looking for a cosmetic treatment that will help you shift your teeth into their proper alignment? Whether you’re dealing with a crowded smile, gaps between teeth, over bite, under bite, open bite, or cross bite, we can help with the use of cosmetic braces. We offer systems with clear aligner trays, as well as an accelerated option called Six Month Smiles.

To Address Little Issues

Worried about the little cracks, chips, nicks, dings, abrasions, gaps, and other issues that cause your smile to look less than consistent? Address minor esthetic problems with the use of bonding or contouring. Bonding will create the illusion of additional tooth tissue, while contouring will allow us to take a little bit away.

For A Comprehensive Improvement

Want to change just about everything when it comes to your smile? Choose the cosmetic treatment called porcelain veneers, so you may customize each detail.