Teeth Whitening Q&A

questionmarkswhiteDo you find yourself thinking about how nice it would be to attain a whiter smile? Do you notice that you seem to spend an equal amount of time fantasizing about your bright grin as you do thinking about the details of teeth whitening? If there is more you need to learn before you make a cosmetic decision for your smile, we suggest you schedule a consultation to meet with us. Until then, consider some helpful questions and associated answers.

Questions and Answers: Teeth Whitening

Question: I’ve heard that teeth whitening will make my teeth extremely sensitivity – what can I do to avoid this problem?

Answer: We will provide you with specially formulated whitening gel to minimize the chance of sensitivity. If you experience sensitivity that continues for more than a few days, we may suggest fluoride products to alleviate discomfort, so your smile feels good again.

Question: What if I have questions about what my smile looks like after my treatment? What should I do?

Answer: Simply schedule a follow-up visit with us, so you may ask your questions about teeth whitening.

Question: I think my teeth whitening needs may be too extreme for traditional bleaching gel – what happens if I am suffering from really deep stains?

Answer: If your stains are quite deep or difficult to remove, we might steer you away from this cosmetic solution and toward a more effective option for your needs like dental bonding to cover individual teeth or small stains, or veneers for comprehensive coverage.