The Dental Implant Process

dentalimplantpiecebypieceAre you curious about what to expect when receiving dental implants? While most patients will quickly agree that the benefits are impressive and quite attractive, there’s more to consider when you are thinking about choosing implants to address your tooth loss. For instance, the process required to receive implants is quite different than those required of other replacement solutions, such as dentures or bridges. Allow us to provide you with the introductory details.

First, There’s Implant Placement

To begin, the dental implant must be placed within your jaw tissue, where it will fuse with your jawbone – this is a process we know as “osseointegration.” Due to this bonding, your implant will provide exceptional stability. Unlike other prosthetics, the placement of this device requires oral surgery. We will need to ensure you are healthy enough for surgery before we move forward with treatment.

Next, You Will Recover

After the placement of your dental implants, you will need to recover – this may take three months or longer. In part, this provides your gum tissue with time to heal. This is also essential to provide sufficient time for osseointegration to occur – the bonding process is the key factor that determines the success of your implant.

Finally, We Will Restore Your Implant

Once you have fully recovered, we will need to “restore” or top the dental implant post with a prosthetic. If you have chosen to replace a single tooth, we will provide you with a dental crown. If you have chosen multiple implants to replace multiple teeth at once, we may restore your implants with a dental bridge or denture.