Dental Contouring: The Essential Steps

steps123markerAre you thinking that dental contouring is the treatment for you but you are not really sure what to make of this cosmetic option? Perhaps you are already certain that contouring is the service, which will allow us to remove esthetically displeasing spots of tooth tissue – but you aren’t certain how everything works. Allow us to take some of the mystery away, so you may continue feeling exhilarated about making your smile look that much more lovely. 

Step 1: Checking Your Enamel

Before we move forward with dental contouring, we will ensure you have a sufficient amount of enamel to work with. In many instances, this will include taking digital X-rays of your smile for a precise measurement. Keep in mind that we remove an extraordinarily tiny amount of tooth tissue when we contour.

Step 2: Drawing Up A Plan

Do you simply want to soften pointed, sharp teeth? Are you unhappy with textural issues? We will learn all about what you want to improve with dental contouring. As a result, we will make strategic improvements to bring your smile to a much more uniform, pleasing appearance.

Step 3: We Will Contour

Dental contouring is an accurate, simple, and comfortable procedure. With the help of a delicate polishing instrument that we control by hand, we will carefully buff enamel into the desire shape or texture. Your treatment will typically call for a single visit to our practice, immediately leaving you with the results you desire.