Are You A Mouth Breather?

mouthbreathingwomanjpgDo you experience a dry mouth or what you refer to as “cotton mouth” when you wake up in the morning or right after a nap? Perhaps you assume this is the result of your nightly snoring – or maybe you have not yet put your finger on the problem. In addition to this feeling quite uncomfortable, mouth breathing may actually lead to significant problems with your oral health. Allow us to explain why – and what you can do to address the concern.

What’s With The Dry Mouth?

Why might your mouth be open while you sleep? Well, if you are congested, you will open your mouth because your nasal passages are blocked. If you snore or suffer from sleep apnea, you are opening your mouth in an effort to take in sufficient air. The problem occurs when, due to breathing with your mouth open, your saliva dries out. Your saliva protects your oral health by reducing the acidity of your mouth and by washing away bacteria.

So, What Might Happen?

If you are waking up with a dry mouth on a regular basis, you are sleeping with an acidic, bacteria-filled mouth, as well. This combination may quickly lead to the development of bad breath. In addition, you may experience oral health issues like cavity development, which is encouraged both by the presence of additional bacteria and acid erosion.

What Can I Do?

Come in for a visit! We will discuss your dry mouth with you, determine the underlying cause, and offer suggestions. For congestion, you may need to visit your general practitioner. For issues like snoring and sleep apnea, we offer effective treatment.